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Battery, Alternator and Starter Replacement

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What Is A Battery, Alternator and Starter Replacement?

Nothing is more irritating than a dead car. If your car doesn’t run, there’s usually a fault with the battery, the alternator or the starter. But how do you know which part of it is causing your problem? Both of these parts work together to control the engine, but it can be hard to know which component is at fault. 

The safest place to begin your investigation is the battery. Batteries have a lifespan of 3-5 years, and will eventually discharge once its reached its end time. The simplest and inexpensive of the three pieces to repair, your engine will not work properly without a fully charged battery. Keep on the lookout for the signs of a defective battery.

A vital component of the vehicle’s charging system, the alternator can charge the battery while the motor is running and control the electrical system as well. The alternator generally lasts 8-12 years, but it’s not something that has to be replaced as much as other components. If the alternator dies, the battery will lose its power and the alternator will not be able to hold it charged.

Accountable for starting the engine as you turn the key or click the start button, the starter derives its power from the battery. It takes the energy to turn the engine over and start the car. Simple terms, without a correctly working engine, you’re not going anywhere.

    When Should You Get A Battery, Alternator and Starter Replacement?

    Few Signs of a Bad Battery

    • No go – car won’t crank or start and the lights won’t turn on
    • Close but still no go – engine cranks but not start
    • Whining noises
    • Excessive jumpstarting

    Few Signs of a Bad Alternator

    • ALT light switches on – may be flickering at the point.
    • Headlights and lights on the dashboard go dark
    • Foul scent – like that of burning rubber – this is the belt that gets damaged 
    • Weird noise – the alternator might create a grinding noise when it’s about to break down
    • Engines are having a starting challenge

    Few Signs of a Bad Starter

    • Weird sound – with the start key, a clicking sound suggests a starter error
    • The car doesn’t start – the lights on the dashboard turn on, but the car doesn’t start
    • The engine would not start even after the jumpstart

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