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What Is A Complete Tune Up?

A complete car tune-up is a method of routine maintenance done on a vehicle to ensure that it continues to operate well. A tune-up is normally scheduled on a regular basis — once every year is a very simple guideline — and provides an opportunity to get all the preventive maintenance that your car needs at that time. Having a car tune-up on a regular basis will help you improve your car’s efficiency and reliability and prolong its life.

Below are just a few things included in a car tune up (call or email us to learn more):

  • Battery voltage (very critical for all on-board electronics today)
  • Power balance or dynamic compression (to detect any technical issues such as leaky exhaust valves, worn rings, bad head gaskets, bad cams, etc.
  • Vacuum engine (to monitor air leakage as well as exhaust restrictions) 
  • Fuel feedback loop operation (to ensure that the machine goes into closed loop operation when the engine warms up)
  • Scan for fault codes (to ensure that there are no fault codes or to restore any codes that might be present so that they can be diagnosed and eliminated) Search for exhaust emissions
  • Check the idle speed (to be measured even though the system is controlled to detect possible ISC engine problems) 
  • Check ignition timing — if possible

Why You Should Get A Complete Tune Up?

  • Auto tune up is that it ensures your car functions properly and it prevents further damage
  • Increasing the car’s efficiency with new fuel filters (depends on your car)
  • Increasing mile efficiency with new spark plugs (depends on your car)
  • Better driving experience and performance
  • Prolong your vehicle’s life and reliability

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Tariq Alvi
Tariq Alvi
George did a very thorough job of inspecting a used vehicle before sale and explaining what he found. A real pro!
Phil Vasil
Phil Vasil
Timely response and helpful service for diagnosing issue with my car. Friendly, knowledgeable service staff. Would recommend
Moe Caruso
Moe Caruso
I would like to thank George from Toronto Mobile Mechanics for working on my car and also my wife's car. We set up an appointment ahead of time and also got a reminder text for my scheduled appointment. Good honest respectful mechanic -- will definitely call them again !!!!
Natalie Bautista
Natalie Bautista
I've been a regular using TMM for a couple years now and they've never let me down. Very knowledgeable mechanics! Quick and efficient!!
Stanley Szczepanski
Stanley Szczepanski
I used Toronto Mobile Mechanics to change my brakes and I have to say George was amazing! He was prompt, professional and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend using their services!!
Adeva Brown
Adeva Brown
George was great. He was quick and efficient! Greatly appreciated. Thank you. Will definitely be using their services again.

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