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Typically, when you think of getting your car repaired, you think of taking it in to “the shop,” dropping it off, and having to find your way without a car until it’s finished. While this can be quite an inconvenience, it is the system most people are used to.

However, in recent years, a far more convenient method of car repairs has been growing — mobile mechanics. Mobile mechanics will come to you and repair your car at your home, bringing all of their tools and equipment with them. And you never have to leave your house!

Here are some of the advantages of opting for a mobile mechanic:

1.     Convenience

The top reason to go with a mobile mechanic is convenience. Forget having to figure out the details of transportation to and from the auto shop, or long waits in the lobby. Instead, a mobile mechanic can come a location of your choice at a time that works for you.

2.     Prompt service

Everyone knows the experience of getting to an auto repair shop for an appointment and realizing how many car repairs are going to be ahead of yours in line. When a mobile mechanic team arrives to work on your car, however, yours is the only car they are there to work on! This method is efficient and quick, and your car will be out of commission for only as long as the repair takes. And at Toronto Mobile Mechanic, we can usually get someone out to work on your car within 24 to 48 hours.

3.     Full range of services

While we operate on site wherever you need us, mobile mechanic services still include a full spectrum of repairs and other services, including pre-purchase vehicle inspections, brake replacements, suspension repair, engine repair, electrical repair, battery and starter replacement, tire repair, and more.

4.     A great alternative to a tow truck

Another great use for a mobile mechanic is calling them to the site of a car breakdown. Instead of paying the hefty fee for a tow truck to take your car to an auto repair shop, just to have to wait on the repair and then pay again, you can simply call a mechanic to come to you and fix your vehicle right there on the spot, at their standards rates.

5.     Affordability

Even though mobile mechanic services are so much more convenient and quick, mobile mechanic prices are offered at comparable rates to traditional auto shops. At Toronto Mobile Mechanic, we do not pad our repair prices, but charge fair and standard fees for our repairs. When you factor in the convenience and saved time, this makes a mobile mechanic much more affordable for you!

Find a mobile mechanic today

If you need a car repair and are looking for prompt, affordable, convenient onsite service, reach out to Toronto Mobile Mechanic today to call in a repair, learn more, or get a free quote for a repair. Hire a mobile mechanic and make your car repair process pain free!